All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States Of America.


    We aim to design products that eliminate wasted material and ensure that customers get the best quality possible.


At Nordic Fire we aim to create and provide the highest quality camping and outdoor products to customers all around the U.S. All of our products are 100% made in America, from the materials we source, to the product design and the manufacturing process. We started this company because we were sick and tired of seeing low-quality products that are expensive, inefficient, and just don't last.



To design products that eliminate wasted material and ensure that customers get the best price possible for the products we sell. We've engineered the entire manufacturing process with one goal in mind: maximum value for the customer.

  • Jon

    Just Amazing, Easy to put together, And built like a Tank. Fire wood stacks nice and burns very well. Had wood stacked three feet above sides, for 6hrs every night for four nights, last morning wood still burning, shoveled out coals, took apart, steel was warm, No Warping no Damage Top Notch Product. Wood buy again!

  • Carmen

    This is the best portable collapsing fire pit on the market!! Is it heavy? Hell yes it is, but it packs flat and stores easily! Nordic Fire shipped it straight away! Don’t waste your money on cheap fire pits or expensive stainless steel “smokeless” ones that take up so much space. This is the last fire pit you’ll ever need!

  • Thomas

    This is a really nice, well made firepit. Easy to assemble and not flimsy like the ones the big stores sell. Made of heavy plate steel. I did spray paint mine flat black with high-temp paint because I didn't want any surface rust. It came out great and we love our new firepit!