About Us

Hey there! My name is Adam and I am the Content Manager for Nordic Fire. My partners (Tobias and Mark) and I are so glad that you've decided to visit our website. Read on to learn more about our company and our values!

What is Nordic Fire?

Nordic Fire is the online company we created to provide the highest quality camping and outdoor products to customers all around the U.S. We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop in our store and to offer the best quality of products with top-rated customer service.

Why choose us?

Since established, we've managed to build up a reputation for providing durable and high-quality camping products to customers all around the U.S. Our shop is located in the small town of Winsted, Minnesota. We are a local company that strives to provide the best quality products that are designed with the end-user in mind. If we didn't believe that our product was the absolute best on the market, we wouldn't sell it. To prove how serious we are, we've even provided links to every competitor product on the market so you can make the comparison and decided for yourself if our product is right for you. See link (attach links here).

What we believe:

All of our products are 100% made in America, from the materials we source, to the product design and the manufacturing process. We started this company because we were sick and tired of seeing low-quality products that are expensive, inefficient, and just don't last. Our goal is to design products that eliminate wasted material and ensure that customers get the best price possible for the products we sell. We've engineered the entire manufacturing process with one goal in mind: maximum value for the customer. We are constantly refining the process and love hearing feedback from our customers on how we can provide more value to you.

If you have any queries about our products or would like to provide us with some feedback, please use CONTACT US to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks again for your support! 

- Adam 

Nordic Fire Content and Sales Manager